About YYF Wedding Photography

Harry started his career as a landscape photographer, travelling to some of the most interesting places in the world. One night, on a job photographing the rural life of Papua New Guinea, he was bitten twice by a giant tarantula. He still boasts his scars to anyone who will listen.

He shot his first wedding ten years ago, and something in that wedding captivated him. When asked he could never give a satisfying answer as to what exactly captivated him, all he would say is: it is the magic. And now many wedding shoots later, I think I understand.


Photographer’s Assistant



YYF Wedding Photography

We love weddings. The very energy and passion felt in a wedding invigorates us. It is a magical day, and we want to be there documenting every moment of it. We want your photos to be able to make you laugh and cry and say: yes, I remember that―ten, fifteen, twenty years from now. We want your photos to make you a time-traveller.

We are based in London and Essex. However, we’d like to travel to your location wherever you are in the country and world. So please, drop us a email and let us know.


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