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Kokiyama and Aki

08 Mar 2016

Kokiyama and Aki came to London on their holiday and had fallen in love with the city.
“In Tokyo, it is different to see green spaces.” They told me over Skype this summer “But London is so different.”

So last month, they flew over 6000 miles to London to have their engagement pictures photographed.

What a great day it had been!

We started from seven in the morning and didn’t finish till well past midnight, covering nearly 200 miles from Hedingham Castle in Essex to Canterbury in Kent and came all the way back to London, in time for the sunset shoot in Greenwich Park, and finished the day with some great night shots around the City of London area.

The sun had just descended from the horizon and sky had yet to become dark. Blue Hour, that is what photographers all over the world call that time. This hour long period is renowned for being mystical and many landscape photographers use it to their advantages. However, not many wedding photographers have realised the potentials of this period. Because I had been a landscape photographer, I’m aware of the power of the blue hour. Now that I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for many years, Blue Hour has always been an essential part of every wedding I’ve photographed. The picture you see above was photographed in Greenwich Park during the Blue Hour.

It was a lot of fun photographing night senses. However, night photography also has its own set of challenges. For instance, the balance between ambient and flash light is very fine. To achieve one without the exclusion of the other requires skills and experience. However, once the correct balance has struck the resulting pictures would look simply stunning. (Please have a look at our gallery page for the night shoots taken place in London.)

It had been such a fun and fruitful day. We loved every single moment of it and were honored to be asked to document it.

Finally, our sincerest congratulations to Kokiyama and Aki.