Wedding Photography London

Laura and Max

02 Mar 2016

The question: “which venue?”

A conundrum to so many never bothered Laura and Max. They had been to the Parklands in Essex whilst attending their fiends wedding. The venue left such a profound impression on the couple that when it was their time to make the choice, the decision was easy.
They wanted a wedding that is grand and elegant and with an idyllic touch. The old Victorian grandeur still enthralled this place, making Parkland Essex (less than an hour away from London) the perfect location for them.

My assistant and I arrived before eight, in time for the Laura’s preparation shoots. The room she stayed in was vast and with a full body length mirror, it proved us with plenty of opportunity to get creative.

She had been rather anxious about the weather. The clouds had gathered that morning and they couldn’t quite make up their minds whether to downpour or to go away.

“What if it rains?” she asked.

“Then we’ll get some truly dramatic shots.” I showed her some pictures taken during heavy downpour. One of them depicted a couple, kissing under a white umbrella. I photographed it a couple months earlier in London. The flash unit was placed behind the couple. It was shot in manual mood, deliberately under exposed, so that the couple in the picture became silhouettes, with this beautiful fan of light coming from behind them, engulfing them, drawing an electrifying definition around their contours and lighting up every single rain drops in the fame.

The picture was simply otherworldly.

“Wow.” She said “I hope it rains.”

It didn’t. The clouds departed, and the sun washed everything golden with its morning light.

Laura and her bride’s mates decided to have a walk on the ground. The picture you see was taken on their walk. I was on the floor to get the best angle.

The wedding went on till way beyond midnight. During it, I have heard Max’s speech, it was simply and the best and the funniest speeches, ever. And he was such a great dancer too.

It was a truly beautiful day. I was honored to be given the opportunity to document every moment of it.

Finally, my sincerest congratulation to Laura and Max.